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Functional Capability Assessment (FCA)

Functional Capability Assessment (FCA) is an established, non-invasive and objective method of determining someone's physical, safe capabilities for work. MOH launched the service in the UK in 1995, and helped establish the principle in mainstream healthcare as well as Occupational Health that there is no automatic link between impairment (diagnosis) and the inability to function (disability). This is often called the 'social' and enabling model of disability, which aims to establish what someone can safely do, rather than the 'medical' model of disability which often tends to concentrate on treatment and/or what an individual cannot do.

The principle of FCA testing is now firmly established in the UK and has recently been adopted by the Benefits Agency in order to empower those with a degree of disability to help them find suited work. MOH runs over 30 clinics across the UK delivering FCAs  to our clients.

fcaThe FCA process objectively measures an individual's physical abilities and functional tolerances. The process cross-matches physical performance levels to the demands of a specific job or work activity, activities of daily living or a generic occupation. The FCA establishes what an individual can and cannot safely and sustainably do, essential to determining job placement, job accommodation, or return to work after injury or illness.

FCA's also helps establish barriers to return to work, whether they are organic, non-organic or psychosocial, essential components in determining the route of vocational rehabilitation planning.

The FCA is an essential clinical tool to both validate and baseline the current degree of disability, in order to assess if reasonable accommodation can be made by the employer to safely sustain employment or reintegrate an individual back into the workplace.

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