Clinical Governance & Training

What is clinical governance, and why does it matter?

Clinical governance is a term which describes the measures we take aimed at collectively increasing our professional performance, competency, efficiency, identifying and reducing risk, and helping to promote empowerment and ultimately patient satisfaction.

How is it achieved?  It is achieved through the consistent monitoring of our own performance, the promotion of a culture that demands excellence and positive attitude, and firm adoption of the concept that this is less about individual actions and more about us taking collective responsibility. Implementing clinical governance requires  challenging our ways of working, and it enshrines the fundamental principle that quality leadership, teamwork and communication impact clinical effectiveness at all levels, by individuals and by the team as a whole.

Clinical governance requires us to adopt clinical practice which places patients at the centre of our thinking.  As an organisation, visible leadership from senior management is pivotal to our continued success.

trainingSuccessful clinical governance also needs to be transparent with a clear audit trail, and it needs to be able to identify where our performance might be failing to meet acceptable clinical standards. It demands clinical peer reviews of our medical reports, and it requires external review and customer feedback whereby our customers critique our reports via Revalidation measures directed by the GMC.

Above all, our integrated governance processes include all medical disciplines and covers management of medical data and data protection.


To some, CPD funding for employees is optional. At MOH we are firmly committed to ongoing CPD. All our clinical team members have an annual budget expressly set aside for this purpose and which must be utilised. individuals are required to apply to our CMO for sign off on appropriate professional development courses, and in this way we can ensure that all our clinical team are continually upskilled to meet the latest clinical and legislative standards at minimum.

All new MOH Employees undertake a comprehensive induction programme, to orientate them into our culture, our standards, and our expectations.  Additionally, our clinical team meet regularly to discuss clinical developments and practice, and  to avoid the potential for 'silo' thinking.

As importantly, our administration teams undertake ongoing in-service training and are funded to participate in external courses to augment their knowledgebase and improve service delivery.  Our firm belief is that a first-rate clinical service can only be delivered with an equally first-rate administrative process underpinning it.

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